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Dave Mustaine by Schajara Dave Mustaine :iconschajara:Schajara 1 0
My soul caught fire,
and pain was glacial.
I burned my heart down and covered it with frost.
I exhaled the specters dwelling in every edge and corner of this dungeon.
They whispered, “the future is unwritten.”
I gathered the ashes.
On these walls
I engraved eternal love
that they have never known.
Perhaps outside these invisible walls,
a future had your name in it,
a future we could write.
But you were a different kind of fire,
Orchestrating the unborn, igniting life in a barren land,
letting it
In a place where roses die,
your flower buds sprouted from sand.
The distance was bruised and bloody,
broken beyond repair.
But I followed my fear
of the light
fast enough to see:
In exitless rooms
That exist
only so you’d be in them.
As your touch melted into my skin,
I heard the soft murmur of the chains around my heart
I crossed the burning bridge only to find
A love so gentle, so patient, so kind.
:iconschajara:Schajara 0 0
I am insular, languid, frozen in time, wavering in prostration.
The space between your eyes;
the void;
a universe;
that drank me.
The elegy I sang;
the house I painted;
a deathbed.
How to be lonely in a crowded room;
how to destroy something beautiful;
how to drown
in a chain of disappearance.
And I said.
If I take leave, please understand that I tried my best to stay.
But the water.
It was the water.
By the hand,
she led me to the water
with stones in her pockets.
Hero followed Leander;
a bird without wings;
boneless feather;
and I was flying.
My cadaverous breath
took it all in
until water was me.
The unyielding waves
surrounding my paraplegic island.
:iconschajara:Schajara 1 0
Course of Nature II by Schajara Course of Nature II :iconschajara:Schajara 0 0 Serenity by Schajara Serenity :iconschajara:Schajara 6 1 Harmonious Monotony by Schajara Harmonious Monotony :iconschajara:Schajara 3 2
Child of Gaza
The music he knows,
his trembling arms hear.
Leaves him still,
soaked in fear.
The stars glow.
In heavenly solace they masquerade.
Love’s fiery hues,
his infant heart they persuade.
Fountains of fairytales never told
march in a land of a secret garden.
The sun orchestrates its dismay;
a dissonance… and he withers away.
:iconschajara:Schajara 0 0
I Feel With You
The size of my canvas can never be big enough for drawing the dry winter reflected in your eyes. The snowstorms never part from your lungs, and the frozen river never stops kissing your blue lips. All dead trees are gathered in your soul, and you long for one green leaf, but you cannot fight the sky. You cannot fight the emptiness when even the edge of happiness is a long gone dream. If I could take it all away, I would. If I could, I'd bleed for you, I'd feel for you; I'd die for you. Your eyes smile, but I know that your heart burns and bleeds. Your eyes are old and wrinkled, but I see the innocent child in them saying "please don't leave me; I'm just a little child who needs help." I'd carry the heavy weight on your back. I'd colour my soul green and hand it to you; I'd give you my body and all that makes me classified as human. If I could, I'd kill your winter and fill your spirit with spring and its colours. But I cannot give you what I don't even have. I cannot remove your wounds
:iconschajara:Schajara 0 0
The Wheelchair
Humanity's laughter
Is welcoming a new spring,
But to her,
That's not what humanity offers to bring.
Autumn imprisoned her soul
In a small cage with no air
Where no angels sing,
Where no gentle wind would move her hair.
That child no longer runs in wide open fields,
Or jumps on green, green grass.
That ballerina no longer dances;
She only crawls on broken glass.
:iconschajara:Schajara 3 8
Fashion Design - Amour Propre by Schajara Fashion Design - Amour Propre :iconschajara:Schajara 3 0 Course of Nature by Schajara Course of Nature :iconschajara:Schajara 3 9 Vacant Stare by Schajara Vacant Stare :iconschajara:Schajara 1 0 Paradise of Ice by Schajara Paradise of Ice :iconschajara:Schajara 1 2 Chocofall by Schajara Chocofall :iconschajara:Schajara 3 0
Before the End
As my God-given hands pull out one hair from the thirsty desert in my scalp, I let that one silky hair strangle me. And I die. Every time. Being submerged in a sea of monster-handed hairs never made me beg for air; it made me beg for the gentle melody of its departure. That moment of joy was exactly that: a moment. Did it matter since life was never in parallel?
My hair
                       Like every other waste
Runs in the veins of open sewers. I put it there. I watched it go down the drain with my blood. Yet never did it resemble the shape or life of that fetus-handed, butterfly-winged blood. It was not to be given life after its death. Nor was I. It was the only thing I knew, and therefore the only thing I taught. Might mankind conduct my perception of indecency when mankind much resembles indecency? Advertisements mock the period of my anguish in order to feed those
:iconschajara:Schajara 0 0
A Tragic Hero
Never has he believed in seraphs,
Or any might that could disengage his handcuffs.
He sold his soul to torment,
And down the path of stoicism he went.
His days never witnessed the beam of the sun
Until the era of a fair mendacious nymph begun.
He fell in love with the astral projection;
Within her bosom, of his heart, he saw a reflection.
The Oedipus within him converted to winter's death,
Thus his madness granted him spring's gaiety
In every taken breath.
His passion, his lust, were dreaming of ever after,
Yet fate's cozenage robbed him his only laughter.
He donated his life to an unfulfilled promise,
And awaited his love in a dark sunless abyss.
The Romeo in him woke up only to behold
His Juliet thrown at the other half of the world.
:iconschajara:Schajara 1 0

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